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Here you'll find all sorts of things that I enjoy posting, from plushie images to game downloads and everything in between. I'm a big fan of anime and cute things, so you'll find a majority of my site is dedicated to that. I want to try to keep this website updated regularly with lots of pictures and blog posts for you all to enjoy.

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November 30, 2019
It's Been A While
So it looks like I haven't updated my website in over three months now, and I'm a little embarrased to be honest. College has really been putting a lot of stress on me, and I've been starting to fall back into some old habits. I'd like to start working on this site again at some point, at least after I finish with my finals. I've got some plans for what pages I want to work on next, but no idea how I want to go about developing them. Thanks to anyone checking this place out, I hope you enjoy what there is.
August 3, 2019
Still Updating
If you've been following my site, it may not look like I've added anything for about half a month. I've been taking some time to lay out what I want the other pages on this site to look like before I actually begin any work on them. I'm still in the process of doing this, but plan to begin working on the other pages withing the next month or so. Thank you for being patient, and I'm glad you visited.
July 14, 2019
Small Updates
As of now, I have the hardest part of the 'Fumo' page complete and will be able to easily add photos to the page whenever I want to. I plan to add an FAQ to the top of the page with all the info you could ever need on fumos, but am not sure how I plan to implement it yet. I have also begun working on header images for the rest of the pages, and will probably begin working on a layout for the 'Waifu' page next. If you are visiting my site, I want to thank you, it means a lot to me. I don't know a lot about web design, but starting this project to make my own website has been an amazing learning experience so far.
July 11, 2019
My first blog post!
As you can see by the greeting above, welcome to my website! While I've only started work on my main page, I see it as a huge milestone for this site, and I hope to get the other pages started sometime soon. The "Fumo" page will be the first to start receiving content since it's the page I plan to update the most. It will be mostly images of fumofumo plushies, along with some smaller blogposts regarding them. I might also make some changes to the look of the site overall such as backgrounds and borders.